Monday, December 31, 2012


I've been busy all weekend sewing like a mad woman. I was going to take some pictures today and show you all what my genius mind (ok more like Pinterest) came up with. Alas the flu bug got to me first, so you'll have to be patient with me for a couple days till I can get over this nastiness.

I hope you all have a great New Years Eve!
( I have been guilty of this once, but I was like 12 so give me a break)

Friday, December 28, 2012


Hey ya'll just wanted to let you know I updated Our Love Story to include a little more detail about how we met, started dating, and how we've spent the last two years together. I hope ya'll enjoy our story!

Year in Review

This past year has been crazy. 
It has definitely had it's fair share of trials, but looking back I wouldn't change a thing because I see now how much closer my family is to each other and God.
Starting off in January I moved to Chandler, AZ again to be with my Grandparents as my Grandpa struggled with cancer.
I continued schooling there for a semester and was able to be with Jeremiah through that time, which was a huge blessing he was my rock during everything.
(Together again!)
In February Jeremiah and I celebrated our One year Anniversary, and he surprised me with a roof top dinner!
(Anniversary/Valentines Dinner)
In April Jeremiah and my friends pulled off a surprise party for my 21st birthday.
(Surprise! I was shocked)
Jeremiah graduated college in May!
(So proud of him!)
In May both my Grandparents and I headed back up to Alaska to help my parents fix their house so they could sell it.
(Reunited with my siblings)
In July we accepted an offer on their house but the buyers needed approval from their bank, this ended up taking three very long months.
In August my Grandparents went back to Arizona and my Grandpa was declared cancer free!
(My Grandparents and I-aren't they adorable?!)
Finally in October we made the very long and exhausting drive from Alaska to South Dakota.
(Our caravan for 3000+ miles) 
Later that month I got engaged!
(Jeremiah's visit to SD)
Once in South Dakota my Dad went through the long and difficult process of finding a job, and then two companies offered him jobs, my parents and I went through a lot of prayer trying to discern which job was the best.
After much prayer we all felt peace and he accepted one and we moved to Custer, SD.
(Finally in SD)
One week after accepting this job the boss came and told him that the oil run he was hired on for had fallen through and they didn't have much work for him.
Obviously we were confused as to why this would happen after seeking God's will so fervently.  Dad contacted the other company and was told he would have to go through the whole process again to be considered for hire.
He applied and finally after a very long month we received word that he was accepted and got the other job.
This year has been a roller coaster, but I am thankful for everything that happened this year and looking forward to everything God has planned 2013!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guest Posts

Hey all you bloggers out there I'm looking for some girls who are interested in doing guest posts for me. Posts can be on anything related to being engaged, wedding planning, marriage advice, life as newlyweds etc. I will basically be out of commission for a month and a half from March to the middle of April. I have: my wedding, honeymoon #1, being a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding, reception #2, and honeymoon #2 all one right after another. I would like to have at least six different guest posts to substitute the few times I'll be able to post. If you are interested please contact me and we can set something up! Thanks!

Christmas Time

Christmas, it is my very favorite time of year, I honestly can't think of one thing that I don't love about this season. Everything from the crowds, to cookies, lights and traditions just make my heart happy. This year was especially special and difficult for me at the same time as I watched my family open presents and my little brother and sister jump for joy, tears welled up in my eyes as I realized this would be my last Christmas sharing their last name, that I would miss out on some of their Christmases, and I was no longer guaranteed coming home and spending Christmas with them every year. I do look forward to be able to spend a Christmas with Jeremiah next year when we're married, but I am a huge family oriented person, they mean the world to me and it's hard to think of not being there. My siblings are so young, and they always make the holidays magical with their wide eyes and joy over every little thing. To make things easier on me Jeremiah has agreed to incorporate some of my family traditions into our Christmas next year.
 Every year there are certain things I look forward to come Christmas time. Every year on Christmas Eve we first take a drive and look at all the Christmas light on our town, then we get all dressed up and reenact the Christmas story before having a big breakfast dinner picnic. We lay a picnic blanket out in front of the tree, turn of all the house lights and have a full breakfast shebang by the light of the Christmas tree. Christmas Eve is also when our family opens all our presents to each other. Christmas morning we open our stockings and then eat a family passed down recipe of sticky buns. Usually after that we head over to my grandparents house and open presents there and have Christmas dinner. I know next year will different and perhaps a little difficult for me but I also know that spending Christmas with my best friend will be wonderful, the two years we've been together we have yet to spend a Christmas in the same state, hundreds of miles have always separated us.
 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed every second spent with your family and friends!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Communicating Effectively

On Monday in the post Strive for my Five, I mentioned that I wanted to support and love Jeremiah in the ways he needs me to not the ways I think. When we first started dating Jeremiah and I both took a class called Personal Evangelism 2. We all had to take a personality test and then throughout the semester we learned how to relate and communicate with other types of personalities. It was a great learning tool and our Teacher encouraged us who were dating to take the Five Love Languages Test. I took it later that year and discovered my Love Language is Quality Time with a close second of Words of Affirmation, Jeremiah's came up as Physical Touch (I think this is a common one for guys.) Throughout our relationship I've noticed that whenever there is a conflict or an issue arises it's partially due to us not paying attention to each other's Love Languages. I've never been a touchy feely kinda girl so I wasn't big on physical affection especially in public, this led to Jeremiah feeling unloved, I mean I wouldn't even hold his hand, poor guy. He eventually talked to me and told me how my actions were making him feel, since then I've been trying to work on it even though it's still not the easiest for me. Long Distance Dating has been hard for me since we aren't really able to spend any quality time with each other. Jeremiah and I have had to try and find new ways to spend quality time on each other without being together. Phone calls and Skype have been the biggest factor, and when we are able to actually be together we make sure to squeeze in as much quality time together as possible. If you haven't taken this test before I highly recommend it,  it's been a great tool in helping me understand how to show Jeremiah I love him and to understand myself a little better too.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Every Wednesday I am going to try and post something about how my wedding planning is going and what decisions I've made so far.
Right now planning is in kind of a limbo, I want to enjoy this Christmas season with my family so that has been my main focus. 
I have been looking at dresses for our engagement pictures though. 
I like the look of this dress from Modcloth. Reading the reviews though I'm just not sure if my mom and I would be able to alter the dress to fit correctly.

I have a couple DIY projects that I need to get going on, so after the holidays I'll show you some of those if they turn out. 

I found this sight, that has an awesome checklist for planning a wedding in three months. It's really helpful since most wedding planning checklists are for a year or more. So far this is what I've been able to cross off my list.

1.     Set a date
2.     Book a venue
3.     Book photographer
4.     Engagement photos
5.     Book videographer
6.   Meet Photographer-In January
7.     Ask bridal party to be in wedding
8.     Create wedding website
9.     Book florist-We are pretty much doing this ourselves, but we still have to order them.
10. Buy wedding dress
11. Select bridesmaid dresses
12. Select and order groom & groomsmen attire
13. Find veil
14. Book cake baker (I decided to decorate it myself)
15. Buy cake knife and server
16. Marriage Counseling
17. Finalize guest list
18. Antique cake stand
19. Cake topper
20. Ring pillow
21. Order stamps
22.  Order guest book (I want to do something different with this)
23. DIY Decorations
24. Register
25. Reserve hotel room blocks
27. MOB & MOH dress shopping
28. Find wedding shoes
29. Choose wedding jewelry
30. Find garter
31. Clutch for bride
32. Sash or belt for bride
33. Something old
34. Something new
35. Something borrowed
36. Something blue
38. Make day-of emergency kit
39. Going away outfit (just going to leave in my dress)
40. Book makeup artist and hair stylist
42. Getting ready outfit for bride and bridesmaids
45. Hair and makeup trial
48. Order invitations
49. Send invitations
50. Bridal party gifts/groomsmen gifts
51. Purchase wedding bands
52. Put together picture list for photographer
53. Get marriage license
54. Book transportation for wedding party
56. Gift for Groom
59. Book wedding night hotel room
60. Order thank you notes
61. Tips and thank you notes for vendors
62. Engagement announcements in paper etc

Rehearsal Dinner:
1.     Book venue
4.     Rehearsal dinner caterer (still need to place order)
6.     Order invitations
7.     Send invitations
8.   Rehearsal dinner dress

1.     Bachelorette party
2.     Bachelor party
3.     Bridal showers
4.     Book honeymoon
5.     Honeymoon shopping
6.  Hostess gift for all my showers
7.  Dresses for showers

There is still so much to get done, and time is slipping by quickly!
Hopefully everything works out, if not I'll still get to marry my best friend on March 9th!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Strive for my Five

 I'm going to link up with Lauren over at Kisses from the MRS and post five of my New Year Resolutions. 

1. Enjoy our Engagement and Wedding planning to the fullest, and not let my type A personality get the best of me.

2. Find a Volunteer Opportunity to participate in.

3. Open up Jeremiah's and my future home to others and learn how to be a good hostess.

4. Support and Love Jeremiah in the ways he needs me to not the ways I think.
(More on this in a later post.)

5. Spend our first year of Marriage learning as much as I can about Jeremiah and growing closer to him.

What are your Resolutions for 2013? Head on over to Kisses from the MRS and link up with her!

Kisses from the Mrs.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day of Silence

On Tuesday the 18th there is going to be a blogger day of silence to honor the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
To donate to a fund set up in memory of this tragedy please visit this site.
This is the official description of the support service we are donating to:
"Newtown Youth and Family Services, Inc. is a licensed, non-profit, mental health clinic and youth services bureau dedicated to helping children and families achieve their highest potential. NYFS provides programs, services, activities, counseling, support groups and education throughout the Greater Newtown area.

On Tuesday of possible please just post this button in Memory of those precious lives lost.
Go to this blog to get the link for this button.

Date Night Idea

(This is not a sponsored post, Zulily doesn't know who I am)
Zulily is offering an awesome deal right now on two theater tickets and a $50 gift card for a restaurant. All for $35. I purchased this and plan on adding it to Jeremiahs Christmas package. He enjoy's when he doesn't have to plan and execute a date so I know this will be a welcome gift, especially during the busy wedding planning time. You can go check out this offer here. This offer ends on December 18th at 6am. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Engagement Story

My family and I had just made the incredible week long drive from Alaska to South Dakota. We were staying with my Grandparents in Rapid City while we looked for a house. I had mentioned to Jeremiah months ago that I wanted to go on a picnic with him sometime. He flew up to SD on October 26th, and we spent a couple of days doing touristy things with my family, he kept trying to plan a picnic for us to go on but it kept being put off.
Finally on Sunday he asked if I wanted to go on a picnic on Monday, I was frustrated and said no. Jeremiah isn't easily discouraged so he went and talked to my dad and asked if we could have the car for Monday so he could take me on a picnic. He came back to me and told me we were going on a picnic on Monday, I reluctantly agreed and started making plans for a lunch.
Monday morning rolled around and we quickly packed up the lunch and headed off to Canyon Lake Park.
We chose a spot next to a little creek that was surrounded by Geese.
(Our Engagement Picnic Spot)
(Shortly after he proposed on our walk around the Lake)

(Don't mind the knee brace, I fractured my knee a couple of weeks before this)

(The cutest Gazebo on a little island in the middle of the Lake)
We enjoyed a nice lunch and the Geese and Squirrels that kept coming up to visit us. After eating I wanted to go on a walk around the park but Jeremiah kept telling me no that we could in a little bit but not now. Jeremiah started to tell me how wonderful I am, how much I mean to him, and how glad he was I came into his life. I laughed and then turned around to watch the Geese play. I heard him say my name and something in the tone of his voice let me know something was up. I turned to look at him and he pulled out the ring and asked how I liked the sound of Maia Weber and if I would marry him. I stared at him in shock for a few seconds before managing to nod my head yes. After giving him a big kiss I asked where in the world he had hidden the ring and he laughed and said he had hidden it in his boot because he knew I would see it if it was in his pocket. We spent the rest of the afteroon walking around the park taking pictures, talking and enjoying each others company. That evening we went to the movie theater and watched Taken 2. Following the movie we drove over to my aunts house and were bombarded by family wanting to see the ring and countless hugs.

A Happy Wife in New Orleans

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Long Distance Relationships

Long distance is hard, it takes work and commitment. In our 22 months of dating/being engaged we have been doing long distance for 12.5 of them. I'm certainly no expert in this area but I have learned some things in the process. 
1. Communication: Obviously important in any relationship but hard to do long distance. Communication over the phone for a majority of a relationship takes work and two people who are committed.
I have a confession, sometimes I wasn't committed to communicating well with Jeremiah, and it caused problems, it made him feel shut out and disconnected from me. It was easier for me to just not talk about things that were happening in my life or issues that needed to be addressed in our relationship, I thought I was being righteous by just letting issues slide. This solves nothing, yea it's easier at first but relationships in general aren't easy they take work. By trying to just let any issues that arose slide I wasn't giving our relationship that attention it needed, and things just built up causing me to get more frustrated. Yes sometimes you can let things slide, every little thing doesn't always need to be addressed but when you realize that you are getting frustrated with something it does need to be taken care of.  It took Jeremiah confronting me and admitting how I was making him feel for me to wake up and realize my attitude wasn't helping our relationship but hindering it.
2. Making time for them: Again a mandatory in every relationship but long distance takes thought and work.
Throughout our months of long distance we have come across a formula for making time for each other that works for us. When Jeremiah was in school, I was working full time and now he's working full time and I am doing the whole stay at home plan a wedding thing. It has been easier for us for him to call at night when he's done with school/work. Every night around 9 I know that I can expect a call from him, we both make sure that we have that time to talk. Usually on the weekend sometime we also add a Skype date. Honestly it's not always easy to make time for that, my family might be watching a movie I wanted to see, or he might have been invited over to a friends house, but everyone know that at about 9 o'clock it's Maia and Jeremiah time. My mom jokes about our nightly phone calls but she knows it's an important part of our relationship. In our relationship we also try to make time to visit each other every so often. We have the freedom to do this and I know not every couple does but I believe that when presented with that opportunity you should take advantage of it. Being able to spend time together is integral in a relationship. 
I think I'll make this a series and write more about it later, but for now those are two of the things I have learned are important in a long distance relationship.


87 more days until I become a Mrs.
It's kinda crazy to think about actually. The day I've been dreaming about for the past two years is creeping closer. This wedding planning stuff is a lot harder than I ever thought it would be, there is so much more that goes into a wedding than I realized. For all of you that have successfully made it through wedding planning my hat is off to you. Every day there is something new that I think of that  needs to be addressed, it's rather overwhelming. Thankfully I am surrounded by people ready and willing to help if I just ask. For all of you who are in the midst of planning like me, the best piece of advice I can give you is to take advantage of everyone who is excited for you and ready to use their talents to help make your day amazing. My fiance is amazing at reminding me that this is just one day, the important part is that we will get to spend our forever together. 

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