Friday, December 14, 2012

Engagement Story

My family and I had just made the incredible week long drive from Alaska to South Dakota. We were staying with my Grandparents in Rapid City while we looked for a house. I had mentioned to Jeremiah months ago that I wanted to go on a picnic with him sometime. He flew up to SD on October 26th, and we spent a couple of days doing touristy things with my family, he kept trying to plan a picnic for us to go on but it kept being put off.
Finally on Sunday he asked if I wanted to go on a picnic on Monday, I was frustrated and said no. Jeremiah isn't easily discouraged so he went and talked to my dad and asked if we could have the car for Monday so he could take me on a picnic. He came back to me and told me we were going on a picnic on Monday, I reluctantly agreed and started making plans for a lunch.
Monday morning rolled around and we quickly packed up the lunch and headed off to Canyon Lake Park.
We chose a spot next to a little creek that was surrounded by Geese.
(Our Engagement Picnic Spot)
(Shortly after he proposed on our walk around the Lake)

(Don't mind the knee brace, I fractured my knee a couple of weeks before this)

(The cutest Gazebo on a little island in the middle of the Lake)
We enjoyed a nice lunch and the Geese and Squirrels that kept coming up to visit us. After eating I wanted to go on a walk around the park but Jeremiah kept telling me no that we could in a little bit but not now. Jeremiah started to tell me how wonderful I am, how much I mean to him, and how glad he was I came into his life. I laughed and then turned around to watch the Geese play. I heard him say my name and something in the tone of his voice let me know something was up. I turned to look at him and he pulled out the ring and asked how I liked the sound of Maia Weber and if I would marry him. I stared at him in shock for a few seconds before managing to nod my head yes. After giving him a big kiss I asked where in the world he had hidden the ring and he laughed and said he had hidden it in his boot because he knew I would see it if it was in his pocket. We spent the rest of the afteroon walking around the park taking pictures, talking and enjoying each others company. That evening we went to the movie theater and watched Taken 2. Following the movie we drove over to my aunts house and were bombarded by family wanting to see the ring and countless hugs.

A Happy Wife in New Orleans


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